High Carbon Steel Wire Rope Intermediate Heat Treatment Cycle Line

Technical parameter: Ø Type: Steel Wire Intermediate Treatment Line Ø Material: High Carbon Wire:0.7-0.92% Ø Wire Diameter: ø2.5- ø3.5mm Ø Line Speed: DV:80-120mm•m/min Ø Speed Control: Individual Control Ø Quenching: Lead or WAP Ø Type of Pay-off and Take-up: Design Based on Requirement Ø...

Product Details

Technical parameter:

Ø  Type:                    Steel Wire Intermediate Treatment Line

Ø  Material:                High Carbon Wire:0.7-0.92%

Ø  Wire Diameter:           ø2.5- ø3.5mm

Ø  Line Speed:              DV:80-120mm•m/min

Ø  Speed Control:           Individual Control

Ø  Quenching:               Lead or WAP

Ø  Type of Pay-off and Take-up: Design Based on Requirement

Ø  Condition:               new

Ø  Production Name:         Steel Wire Intermediate Treatment Line

Ø  Certificate:             CE,IAF,ISO9001

Ø  Trade Mark:              Hygrade

Ø  Origin:                  Wuxi, China


Mainly used for wire brass plating, especially suitable for producing high-pressure hose steel wire, steel cord or steel wire for conveyer belts.


Ø  High-Accuracy & Quick Speed

Ø  Ten years successful experience in steel wire production line process;

Ø  Easy to improve and expand the production capacity;

Ø  Competitive price.

High Carbon Steel Wire Rope Intermediate Heat Treatment Cycle Line

Process Step:

Pay off----Conditioner----Furnace-----Patenting-----Quench------Acid Picking-----Rinsing-----Boraxing------Dry Furnace----Take up

Related equipment:

Wire take-up and pay-off machines, Heat treatment furnace, Patenting tank, Rectifier & Electric control cabinet, Electrolyzing acid washing tank, Electroplating tank, Cold Water Washing tank, Hot water washing tank,Drying unit ,Spool...etc.

Successful experience / Markets:
We have abundant successful experience in the production line of producing high-pressure hose steel wire or steel cord products.
The lines are up to the international level. Our lines and related complete equipment are popular in customers and have been exported to Asian market: Korea, Japan, Indonesia; North American Market: USA; European market: Hungary, Czech, etc.

Production Application:

-- Steel wire for transport belt, tire bead wire, High-pressure hose wire, Steel cord, Gas shielded welding wire, Staples, Spring steel wire, Steel wire rope, etc.

-- Undertake the following projects, and manufacture the related complete sets of equipment.

  Steel Wire Treatment Line:

1. Surface Pre-treatment of dry drawing (first dry-drawing) production line

2. Intermediate Patenting production line

3. Bead wire production line

4. Galvanizing production line

5. Brass / Copper plating production line

6. Phosphating production line

   Related complete sets of equipment:

1. Pay-off & take-up machine and units

2. Mechanical descaling device & brush descaling machine

3. Natural Gas Furnace

4. Pickling Tank

5. Wire drawing machine

6. Cabling machine

7. Double Twister Machine

8. Spiral Machine

9. Other auxiliary equipment

Our service:

Ø  Provide the technical design and solutions;

Ø  New plant construction guidance;

Ø  Designing and manufacturing of non-standard equipment;

Ø  Professional technical training and guidance on site according to the contract;

Ø  Supply accessories at any time;

Ø  Tele-technical consulting and services;

Ø  Other special technical service according to client’s requirements.

Contact us:

Very Important------In order to obtain the most precise quotation, please fill in the request with as many details as possible. For example:

Ø  Amount of the material

Ø  Wire diameter

Ø  Type of material

Ø  Coating Weight

Ø  Capacity

Ø  Delivery Time

Ø  Other useful information

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